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A Learning Centre



completion date        

1750 m2

Feb 2020

Project Description

The new Learning Centre is located within the existing Migrant Works Recreation Club at western Singapore.

The extension will increase the existing capacity of classrooms and training facilities of the club enabling it to cater to growing demands.

Orientation classes and courses for new migrant workers will be held at this new building.

Functions & Spaces

Constructed over the existing open field and basketball court, the Learning Centre consist of 13 Classrooms, registration office, waiting hall, prayer room and a sick bay.

Although the design brief called for very functional areas to serve the intended purposes. The design also catered to important aspects like user’s comfort and experience of the spaces.

The single storey building is organized to allow all rooms to have natural ventilation, natural lighting and visual connection to the surrounding outdoors.

A Learning Centre - no text-1.jpg
A Learning Centre - no text-2.jpg


completed - corridor

A Learning Centre - no text-3.jpg


construction - foundation


completed - registration office

A Learning Centre - no text-4.jpg


construction - classrooms corridor


completed - classrooms corridor

A Learning Centre - no text-5.jpg


construction - classroom


completed - classrooms corridor

A Learning Centre - no text-6.jpg


completed - registration office


completed - registration office entrance

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